Saab Bakery & Café: A Brunch Affair

The Saab bakery, located in the fresh suburbs of Karen in the newly made waterfront mall, is effortlessly cute. The space is pretty cozy but the interior doesn’t get too much natural lighting. Hanging light fixtures make up for the lack of sunlight. This however, is not a negative attribute as the fixtures somehow complement the other chic interior décor. Besides, there is also an outdoor seating with the waterfront view for those who prefer outdoor dining. 

The interior is painted blue and white. Subtle accents have been added, such as brown leather cushions and gold fittings. The space is quite small. Some flower pots have been incorporated to breath some life into the cafe and also to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. The soft shade of blue and white colour makes the ambience even more serene and it is complemented by some soft music that plays in the background. 

I don’t think one would need a booking to go in. The place doesn’t get full, so you can just do a walk-in. My friend and I went to Saab in the afternoon for brunch. After capturing enough photos of ourselves and the ambience, we placed our order. We ordered a chicken supreme pizza, mini prawns and strawberry lemonade. The hospitality at Saab was remarkable. The food was done on time and the meal was so good and also affordable. Maybe next time I go, I could try their bakery goodies as well. They were pretty tempting as well.
Hurry and go for your Saab brunch date! 💃🏽


(+254)703 222777





Small Groups
Brunch Date
Outdoor dining
Good for kids

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