Travel tips for your first Singapore Trip

Here are some tips for your first trip in Singapore!

  1. Research on the city prior to your travel

    It would be best to know about the key things about Singapore before your travel. For instance, the weather during your traveling month. Sometimes, it tends to rain while other times it’s completely dry. The peak season for the flights and the basic facts you would need before setting out on your trip such as expenses are also crucial things to take into consideration.
  2. Budget your trip before travelling

    Budgeting a trip is a smart move but mostly works on people that rely on order and organisation. I, for instance, book and pay for my hotels and activities beforehand and I make my itinerary before setting out so I know how much I would need on my trip. I then put a little extra in case of emergencies. I like to use because it gives me a range of options to choose from and with varying prices.
  3. Pack the right clothes

    Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year. You would need lightweight clothes and perhaps a raincoat for the sudden rains.
  4. Use public transportation or grab car

    Public transportation is widely encouraged in Singapore due to the MRT network. It is reliable when you want to go to very many places and also when not in a hurry.
    If in a rush, the taxi is more convenient. But taxi is rather pricey in Singapore, therefore the alternative apps will be a better option. In most South East Asian countries, they have their local taxi apps in place of uber. In Singapore, Grab and city cab are the common apps.
  5. Maximise on the happy hour

    Whoever said Singapore is expensive was definitely not exaggerating! The nightlife is rad but the lifestyle is pretty expensive. Take advantage of the happy hour so you can get cheaper bills!
  6. Purchase the express pass if you have limited time

    If you have limited days and you are interested in the theme park, the Singapore express pass would be the best option for you to explore Universal Studios entirely. 
  7. Visit the Gardens by the bay early morning or at night

    When it comes to Gardens by the bay, some people prefer visiting at night, while others prefer to visit during the morning hours. I personally went there for the morning hours but I think it looks better at night when it is well lit with the hourly mist and the night shows! For people who are day lovers, it would be best to go very early to beat the crowds. 
  8. Eat the local foods

    ‘When in Rome…….’
    To get the ultimate asian and Singapore experience, you should indulge in the local cuisines, the Mee Noodles, the nyonya cakes, the jumbo prawns, etc. You’ll find yourself wanting more 🙂
  9. Shop at Chinatown

    If you are a fan of buying souvenirs in every city you visit, Chinatown would be the best place to go to. Besides, there is also a famous Budhhas temple there and a local electronics hub at affordable prices. 
  10. Visit the tourist hotspots

    Apart from the usual fun in a new city, be sure to explore the tourist hotspots and the local hotspots to get the full experience. It will be worth your while 🙂

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