Birthday party at Fogo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo Gaucho is one of Nairobi’s best eateries. The word Fogo means ‘fire’ and Gaucho means ‘cowboy’. The restaurant is especially popular for group events, whether an office party, a birthday celebration or even a family get together etc. There are two steakhouse branches in Nairobi, one in Kilimani and another in Westlands. We opted for the Westlands branch but I bet they are both equally nice.

Fogo Gaucho is an authentic Brazilian restaurant that specializes in churrasco. If you have been in any churrascaria restaurant, you’d notice the interior design is mostly brick wall finishes, exposed ceilings and wooden seats. I’d describe Fogo Gaucho as cozy and warm not only because of the interior style, but also characterized by the waiters who were serving us.

The waiters are rather friendly. Upon entrance, they welcomed us and directed us to our table. We did an online reservation for the birthday offer. They asked if we wanted any drinks and also offered us the starters (beef dumplings, or beef samosas) depending on how you call them. We ordered some wine as we waited for others to come. There was some music being played by a guitarist, but I think the live band should be introduced on all days so as to set a perfect mood at the restaurant.

When everyone arrived, we asked the waiters to get us the order, the All you can eat offer which includes about 16 cuts of meat, such as sirloin steak, chicken legs, fish, crocodile, ostrich and many more. We were instructed to go to the salad bar and choose whatever we wanted to eat with the meat. The salad bar was heavenly, because it had an assortment of salads to choose from and some rice and stew. I found it very nice. And it was clean, probably because people served very well and also because they made sure it didn’t get dirty as people kept serving.

Salad Bar 🥗

After this, we went back to our seats, and the waiters came to serve us. I didn’t quite enjoy how they served the meat because they went too fast when starting and some people were not even seated yet. They brought the first set of crocodile when there were only two people seated at the table and after a few of us joined, they came around like four of them all at once! I would advise you to use the red and green cards very well, so as to specify when they should serve you. Another downside was the fact that there were no grilled prawns served despite having been listed on the menu. Anyway, my best meat was the ostrich and the crocodile, probably because it was my first time trying them.

After all the cuts and with everybody full to the brim, we got the dessert. The grilled pineapple that is flavored with cinnamon. Usually this is very nice but the pineapple was a little bit sour as compared to others I had had before. But it was still good.

We then got the cake and they came all round our table and sang “happy birthday to my mom.” It was beautiful.

Fogo Gaucho is nice. It’s definitely a place you’d go with a group of friends and have an amazing time while sharing moments and collecting memories. Aside, it’s a great value for money. It’s a charge of 2,500 per person and for the birthday offer, if 8 or more people, the birthday girl/ boy dines for free. You can check out the offers on their website and you can make your bookings online as well.

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