High Tea @ Orchid Conservatory

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! I’m here with my Orchid Conservatory tea adventure 🙂
The orchid conservatory is located at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur city. Majestic hotel offers a number of high tea and afternoon tea options to choose from, such as The Colonial cafe, The Tea lounge and finally Orchid Conservatory.
Majestic hotel is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a colonial beauty and you’d feel as though it’s the 90’s when one of the porters in their white uniforms and pith helmets opens the door for you as they welcome you into the hotel. It feels like you are in a totally different era!

Getting a reservation at the orchid conservatory is quite tricky. You have to call or email them in advance, and it depends on their availability. My friends and I had to wait a little over a month in order to get our reservation. Upon confirmation, you have to pay a deposit of half the price. High tea at Orchid conservatory is a little more pricey as compared to the other places I had tried in KL. But quite frankly, it’s worth the price! It goes for RM 110 nett per adult during the weekdays and 120 nett per adult over the weekends.

When I first saw Orchid conservatory online, I expected it would be an outdoor high tea experience, because of the flowers. However, it is an indoor experience, almost close to having tea inside a greenhouse paradise.

Upon entrance, one is met by professionally trained waiters and waitresses who will show you to your table. The atmosphere is floral, as expected. The seats are coated in gold color while the tablecloths are white in color which makes the perfect setup for instagram-worthy photos. There is orchids in literally every side and corner of the place. The teacup sets have a vintage look. Kinda like the ones you’d see in peaky blinders 😉 for those who love the show.

Well, when ready to order, we asked for the tea selection. The waiter brought the tea selections in a box and one could take a sniff and know what they would like to try. I got a fruity tea, as usual. I prefer this, as I won’t even have to use sugar and I love the fruity aftertaste. I got the mango and strawberry flavoured tea while my friends got the smoked whisky tea and the estate Darjeeling tea.

Each stand comes with three tiers. The stand has a bronze colored finish with a glass flat plate at every tier.
The top tier is for the sweet tooth. There are two cakes, either chocolate cake, red velvet or fruit cake. The Mille Feuille Pastry with corn cream filling in between, mini Mandeleine and a mini sized Strawberry Vanilla Mousse. 

The middle tier has the english scones. There is fruit jam and cottage cream, so you can choose what you prefer. Personally, I do both. You can just break the scones in half for easier spreading and eating. Start with the fruit jam , then apply the cottage cream. They were so delicious wow!

The bottom tier has the savoury foods. There were a variety of dainty finger sandwiches ranging from salmon, chicken , etc. They were okay. I mean, if you like savoury foods, you will definitely enjoy it.

Afterwards, you get some bubbly to conclude the high tea. Well, I actually didn’t think it was so good, but my friends liked it. Maybe, next time, they should give options on what type of drink one wants so I choose the flavour I desire.

High tea at Orchid Conservatory is a nice experience. It’s worth the few hours and the few ringgits!


A cup of tea warms the soul like a good friend”

6 thoughts on “High Tea @ Orchid Conservatory

  1. Good review of the orchid conservatory. Your choice of words paints a vivid picture in the minds of readers. Excellent overview of the foods available and the description of ambience makes it all the more desirable to visit.

    Love It!

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