My nikkei experience

INTI, located at One Africa Place, offers a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, in a pleasant environment. Situated at the 20th floor, you get to soak in the amazing views as you indulge in dinner.

Before you go there, especially for dinner, I’d advise you to do your online reservation, at least one day prior to your set date. The place, despite being pretty big, gets fully reserved. I, for instance, should have done ample preparation. My friend and I had to do a walk-in and seat at the bar area, because we hadn’t done an online reservation.
They open from 12 pm – 3 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm – 10pm for dinner. We got there at around 7 pm.

The atmosphere is utterly breathtaking. The place is modern with a touch of oriental. Natural elements, such as the bamboo overhang at the bar area and there are hanging orange flowers at the restaurant seating. The place is rather open, with the curtain wall to light up the space during the day whilst allowing one to get amazing views of the city.

At night, the place comes to life. A warm light shines on the orange hanging flowers, and to set a good mood for dinner. There is a combination of partially dark ambience with the use of orange light to make it a perfect setup for intimate dining, whether with friends, family or a date. There was a Dj playing music to complement the mood of the space. It was kinda full though at the bar area side, so maybe not ideal for people who don’t like crowds.

The menu offers Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, or rather Nikkei food. A small background on Nikkei cuisine – Nikkei cuisine was born in 1889 when Japanese farmers moved to Peru to work in sugar cane fields. Due to lack of their traditional ingredients, they began using Japanese cooking techniques with Peruvian ingredients they could find locally.

We both ordered chauffa nikkei (garlic stir fry with Japanese rice) to come with chicken . I wanted to try the sushi but my friend isn’t a fan and a whole plate would have been too much for me. But, I heard the sushi is to die for!

The staff are very welcoming, nice and fast. They immediately offered us a seat upon arrival and attended to us immediately. If you need help on deciding what to eat, they explain it rather well for you to know what you will best enjoy. I’d rate their service a 10/10.

My experience was nothing short of amazing. I, however, wish the restaurant could be open for more hours because 3 pm, would have been an ideal time for me to go there, wait for the sunset and have late lunch . I could have also got better photos because at night they also restrict photo-taking. I think I’ll head back there for lunch or the sundowner that starts at 5.30 pm till 7.00 pm.


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