Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant

Atmosphere 360 is a revolving restaurant, situated 282 meters above the ground in the KL tower.  You get to see amazing panoramic vistas of KL city as you indulge in different local and international cuisines.  

Being located in one of the tallest buildings in South East Asia, the restaurant is renowned for the magnificent 360 views of the city center.

Atmosphere 360 is an elegant restaurant. It’s therefore often used for corporate dinners, business events, couples dates, fashion events and celebratory events such as birthdays. Upon requests, they can conduct self-tailored events to meet different user’s needs. To get a window seat, an additional surcharge applies. I, as usual, went there for a friendly date but unfortunately, my friend sort of stood me up! Well, actually she had just landed from Thailand and needed some time to go to the hotel. Still, this didn’t stop me from going for the buffet.

I had made an online reservation for the dinner buffet on the tableapp. I reached there at around 10 pm, instead of 9 pm so I didn’t have enough time as I should have had. The cuisines served ranged from local cuisines to international dishes. The dinner course consists of a grand buffet and a wide range of desserts to choose from. Prices range from around RM 180 to RM 232 depending on your booking options and your booking season. Festive seasons have an even higher price. Drinks are not included in the dinner course. 

There is also a huge selection of wines. I was seated next to a Chinese gentleman who offered me a bottle of wine, seeing as I was alone on my table. He had to use his phone to type out the question because he could barely speak English. Anyway, he did a good job taking some of my photos. 

I enjoyed the food so much. I especially loved the stir-fried chili crab. Some people had rumored that the food isn’t as good as one would expect, but that wasn’t the case. I also loved the ambience of the restaurant. The seats are arranged following the circular shape of the restaurant. The space is dimly lit, with a warm purple light and some soothing music from a live band to complement the vibe. The ceiling had some constellation-looking feature. It was exceptionally exquisite!

I think I could definitely give it another try with family, friends or even a date. It’s a nice place for a couple but also for groups. It’s a worthwhile spend. 


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