Warner Bros Studio Tour

Warner Bros Studios is located in Burbank, California, where most of the Hollywood Studios are located. Being one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, it offers a behind-the-scenes of filmmaking.

The official Warner Bros Studios tour takes about 2-3 hours. The tour starts at the lobby where one purchases the ticket. There is also a Starbucks for refreshments. Prior to the official tour, we were instructed to enter into a room at a given time, and in groups, to be shown the history of production. 

Afterwards, each group is given a guide, to take them round the studios. You can get a chance to witness some initial sets, such as Gilmore Girls, pretty Little Liars, La la land, Friends etc. depending on which group you are in and what most of the members like. 

Our tour was very focused on Pretty little Liars, and I have to say I was guilty for being one of the people who found the show interesting. We explored the exteriors and interiors of where the filmmaking took place. We saw all their homes and how peculiar is it that some houses were two houses in one!! The front could be Ali’s house, while the back is Melissa’s. 

We then went to the Warner Bros Archives including Harry Porter archives. There is the talking hat from the Harry Porter show as well (made my day 😉 !


Aside from Harry Porter, there were also a number of superheroes that were displayed in the same area. Afterwards, you get to see the picture cars vault. If you are into cars, this is definitely home for you! 

Next was the soundstage. We saw the Ellen Degeneres Show set, so as the see the Soundstage, and see how they install the equipment on set.  Sadly, you don’t see an actual Ellen Set! You actually don’t get to see any actual set in Warner Bros. Maybe this feature should be introduced?

While there ‘Lucifer’ was currently being filmed, and boy was I tempted to just jump out of the truck and go see what goes on in there! 

The tour ends with a visit to the prop department. You can get to hold an Oscar, see the green screen (but you can’t take a photo of this) and finally to the souvenir stores. 

Is the Warner Bros Studios Tour worth it?

I’d have to argue both sides on this. I opted to go to Warner Bros, because I only had one day left out of the five days we had gone to L.A. Most of my friends went for the Universal Studios Hollywood but I felt I had done more theme parks of late and that I should instead try out something else.

It was however not that exciting. I think Universal Studios would have been more enjoyable, but if you have time and enough money you should try both! Warner Bros is more chilled and somehow focused and getting you to really understand about tv making and I would say it needs people who are into the art of film making more!


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