Dinner in the Sky Malaysia

Dinner in the Sky is originally a Belgian dining concept that has since been introduced to a number of countries in the world, including Malaysia. Malaysia and Thailand are the only countries in South East Asia that have the privilege of being members of the DITS. The concept was debuted in Malaysia in July 2015 and is still ongoing up to date.

The experience usually starts from 6.30pm till 9.00 pm, with a total of two sessions. And the slots are for one hour per session. You can get different packages, either economy, business or first class as mentioned on the website. Prior to going, one has to make a booking online or call them. You can even get offers on Klook. I’d advise you to check your booking against the weather on the day because on rainy days the experience is moved indoors, and that, to me seems like a total waste! 

My friend And I chose the economy package which goes for about RM 380 (App. USD90). We paid for it upon arrival at the reception. Once you pay, there is a lounge where people sit and chat while waiting to go on board. You can also take photos, and order some refreshments while waiting to go up. 

When our boarding time reached, we were taken to the venue, and everyone took their seats. During the experience, the table rotates once within the hour, so you can get a 360 panorama view. We were then prepped, so as to get comfortable enough while on air and so you don’t fall off. If you are scared on short heights or heights at all, that may be a bit of an issue, as you will be 45-50 meters high. However, I don’t think it was so scary, especially if you won’t look down, it feels a tad normal. 

While up in the air, you’d get the magnificent view of the city as you get served. The waiters are centrally placed so as to serve everybody. The menu includes a starter, a main course and a dessert. You have to specify what you would like as you do your online booking for easy serving when in the Sky. My friend and I both preordered the Pan Roasted Deep Ocean Snapper with Wilted Locally Sourced Amaranth.

The food was okay, but I think they should have more to choose from the menu. It seemed rather limiting. But it’s no doubt, you’ll still get the fine dining experience and enjoy your food altogether. The waiters are kind enough to take photos of you while in the air. The dining experience is rather short! It will be over before you know it. You’d wish it lasted, just a little bit longer.

If given a chance, I would definitely do the dinner in the Sky again, because the experience was amazing 🙂 I actually really waned to go during the festive season, so I could get the Santa in the Sky experience! It would definitely have been worth my while!


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