How to Travel Solo in Singapore

I have always had the scare for travelling alone and this Singapore trip was the first solo trip I ever took. It was, however, definitely worth my while!

It’s pretty obvious that travelling in solitary attracts more attention onto someone. And it, therefore, comes with a risk. For instance, the major issue of concern is often security. But Singapore is considered one of the safest cities in the world and thus the issue of safety is not a concern when it comes to exploring Singapore. Singapore is a hot city, and one would often be inclined to wear outfits like sun dresses, shorts, crop tops etc. It is utterly safe to wear anything.

What was my solo travel experience like?

Prior to leaving, I used an app called Showaround and I got the best guide ever, ‘Clement’. He’s showed me to all the places I wanted which made it easier for me and also, he was a professional photographer. So, I got a number of breathtaking shots for free πŸ˜‰

If you have ever seen people randomly ask others to take photos of them while travelling. Well then that was me on my second day in Singapore. Right from the Gardens by the bay all the way to Sentosa, I would just randomly ask people to take a picture of me. Up side is, you might actually make friends during the process.

Believe it or not, I went to Sentosa by myself. I went to the Universal Studios theme park alone. It actually wasn’t as bad as I pictured. There are 4 single rider lanes in Universal Studios Singapore, so you can easily get ahead of the crowd on this lanes I also purchased the Universal Studios express pass , so I went to the front of the line on all my rides and was paired with fewer people. The ticket is a bit more expensive than the ordinary one but it was definitely worth the price.

Is Singapore a safe city to travel alone?

  • Singapore is definitely a safe city. I wouldn’t say 100% safe because obviously every city has the occasional petty crime but there is definitely no violent crimes involved.
  • Wi-Fi is everywhere. Marina bay Sands, Clarke Quay, the popular streets, the museums, the malls etc! So you can easily communicate to anyone. Also, get your snapchats ready to snap πŸ™‚
  • Public transportation is a norm. With a Singapore tourist pass, one can have access to the underground trains or the buses. There are also a number of free shuttle buses for instance to take one from Terminal 4 to Jewel Changi airport.
  • There is safety in the private transportations also such as grab, city cab are all okay to use in Singapore. They adhere to the rules and make sure you are dropped off at the right drop off.
  • Singapore is a law abiding country. Petty crimes like littering actually carry fines.

Would you be willing to go on a solo trip to Singapore?

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