I Love Bunny – Dash Resort Langkawi

Dash Resort is a charming getaway resort located along Pantai Tengah. The 4-star hippy resort overlooks the dreamy Andaman sea and is tucked away from the Pantai Cenang massive crowds, making it an ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Dash resort exhibits a unique colour combination of teal and white, resembling the colour palette for Santorini, Greece. Aside, the resort concept is adapted from the famous Alice in Wonderland. I’d say it isn’t like any typical resort. From the gigantic 9-meter tall rabbit statue to the oversized pop culture portraits.

The resort has 108 guest rooms comprising bedroom villas, deluxe rooms with terraces and jacuzzis, garden rooms and entry level studios. All the guest rooms are unique and spacious. We particularly got the deluxe room.
Our room was enticing and opens up to a terrace with a jacuzzi. The terrace comes with a view of the sea and you can hear the soft music from the dj booth playing from below.

Outside, there is a majestic infinity pool that nobody can simply resist. There are pool cabanas and sun chairs for lounging while sipping away drinks and soaking in the sun. The Mya Kitchen and cocktails serves a fusion of Asian and Western foods as well as drinks.

If craving a little more peace and relaxation, rabbit hole spa is the perfect spot to revitalise. They offer massages and beauty treatments, but reservations have to be made and confirmed in order to get an appointment.

Dash Resort most certainly breathes new charm into the island of Langkawi, by upping the hospitality standards and allowing everyone who goes there to have a dash of fun in the sun. Apart from Langkawi, other Dash resorts owned by Ri-Yaz hotels are also located in Bali and Cyberjaya
Fact: Every single Dash Resort has a unique theme.


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