A day in Langkawi

In order to enjoy a whole day doing set activities in Langkawi island, I think it’s more advisable to arrive a night before instead of the same morning. My friends and I had booked a hotel near the Pantai Cenang beach. You can spend the night or evening at the beach enjoying the cool breeze while sipping drinks or having some sheesha. You could also do some beach activities if you are there early enough like parasailing, banana rides, swimming etc.
Tip: Book a hotel that is directly accessible to the beach to save on time and transport.

Langkawi happens to host a number of luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants. For instance Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa, St. Regis Langkawi, the Ritz Carlton and many more. My friends and I went to Tide Restaurant at Westin for dinner but prior to this, we were spoilt for choice on where to go because all the restaurants we searched were exceptionally exquisite.

If willing to spend and dine in a fancy restaurant, some of my top recommendations would be:
Kaya Puti at St. Regis Langkawi
The Float @ Westin
The Beach grill at Ritz Carlton
Anjung Damai @ Westin

Langkawi is renowned for its duty free shopping. You could start off your day with some breakfast and beaching then get ready and head out for some shopping. The Mall is located nearby and you could just take a walk if you are staying at the Pantai Cenang area. You could get affordable duty free alcohol. You can also grab some lunch while at the mall. We had our lunch at the Manhattan Fish Market.

Popular Misconception: Langkawi is very cheap!
Fact: Langkawi isn’t cheap. It only offers duty free shopping. But judging from the fact that it’s a tourist destination, most high end restaurants and activities are not cheap. However, if you plan on going to an affordable hotel and drink duty free drinks, you can definitely consider Langkawi a cheap tourist destination.

For first time Langkawi tourists, who just have a day to explore, they ought to visit PanoramaLangkawi, located at the Geoforest Park, which includes the popular SkyCab and SkyBridge packages. It’s best to purchase the Express Lane Pass so you can get ahead of all queues at the park. It’s pricier than the normal passes but it definitely does the trick when it comes to saving time. Another alternative would be to go there very early in a bid to beat the crowds.

My friends and I got there in the afternoon and we had pre-purchased a package that came with SkyCab, SkyBridge and 3D Art Langkawi. There is a lot of activities to choose from but since we went in the afternoon, we had time for only a few.
The SkyCab is the steepest cable car ride on earth and goes up to 708m above sea level. You get to see the panoramic views of the hillside, waterfalls, wildlife, and the breathtaking island.

The SkyBridge is a curved pedestrian bridge built atop Machinchang mountain. Visitors get to see a unique view of the surrounding and take amazing scenery photos as well. We went there in the evening and the view was just perfect.

The 3D Art Langkawi was yet another highlight. Besides being the biggest 3D interactive art museum in Langkawi, I was really captivated by the illusion art portrayed and the hundreds of paintings.

Afterwards, you can grab dinner, to be specific, seafood dinner. A good recommendation would be Putumayo located at Pantai Cenang. There food was so good! I stay reminiscing about the prawns I had. There is lots of seafood restaurants in Langkawi, and the local hotspots are also rather nice, so getting a good food joint shouldn’t be an issue!


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