High Tea experience at Ritz Carlton

Nothing says fine-living as afternoon tea, a rare opportunity to indulge in dainty bites and a warm cup of tea while dressed to your best and yet a fine time to catch up with your girls, your date or your mates.
Lobby Lounge at Ritz Carlton offers high tea from 2.30pm – 6pm at 75RM per person, and you can call in advance to place your reservations.

An escalator takes you all the way up to the lobby lounge. Upon arrival, one is met by a stunning entrance. A curved lobby decorated with fine pieces of art on the walls. Walls are painted white to portray a bright and inviting space.

Upon entrance into the lobby lounge, one gets a contrasting feel as the it is rather soothing, with colors such as blue, brown and beige. There are also some gold highlights on the furnishing. A group of suited-up men played some live music in the background as people carried on with themselves. This definitely sets a good mood for some afternoon tea.

The tea menu is extensive, with options ranging from fruit infusions, black tea, green tea and many more. The staff always offered hot water refills in case your tea was running low. The savoury delights and sweet treats were also splendid! From the mini sandwiches to hamburgers to egg tarts and also scones.
Side Note: I am really not a huge fan of egg tarts! I find them disgusting!

My overall high tea experience at Ritz Carlton was amazing. The ambience is heavenly, the service was too good as the staff were delightful and the high tea set was equally satisfying.

Life is like a cup of tea to be filled to the brim and enjoyed with friends


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