Dinner at Baluba, Mövenpick

Mövenpick lobby

Baluba, Mövenpick is located at Mkungu Close in Westlands, opposite ViewPark towers. Mövenpick hotel was established in Kenya in 2018 and has only been running for a year now.

Having dinner at Baluba feels very cozy. The lights are dimly lit, so it feels more of an intimate space. But this may pose as a disadvantage for people who love taking photos. The choice of colour used in the restaurant is red. And the art displayed on the walls makes it feel rather artsy. Overall, the interior of the restaurant is exquisite, with the middle ceiling part suspended lower that the rest of the restaurant space.

Baluba prices range according to what you order. An average of KES 3000-5000 pp. is enough for a main meal and a drink altogether. I ordered a plate of smoked salmon that comes with the mashed potatoes and vegetables and a glass of the rosè wine. And my friend ordered a chicken meal. The food was well prepared and was delicious. The salmon was smoked to perfection and the vegetables were nice as well but the mashed potatoes could definitely be better!

The staff, I must say, was very welcoming. Upon arrival I was showed all the way up to the restaurant and the lady took my jacket and put it on the coat hanger. They then gave me the menu and advised me on what was best. After the dinner, they gave us a tour of the other restaurants in Mövenick; The View, La Mesa, and Kijani Bar. And they were also equally spectacular. Simon also gave us a tour of the rooms, in case we ever wanted to stay there.

In conclusion, I would say my Baluba experience was okay, but I think it would be better to go there for breakfast or for lunch or for the most recommended Sunday brunch. It seemed pretty dull during dinner.

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