Top 3 things to do in Itaewon

Iteawon is a common district for most foreigners who live or study in South Korea. It offers a vibrant atmosphere and foreigner friendly-eateries, shops, and bars.

Below listed, are the top 3 things you can do in Itaewon

1. Foodie culture

While walking through the Itaewon streets you’d be see numerous restaurants on both sides of the street. Itaewon is not restricted to only local foods, but also foreign restaurants.
What I enjoyed mostly at the local restaurants was the Korean bbq that comes with rice and other sides such as bean sprout, tofu soup, kale and not to forget the fermented cabbage “kimchi.”
Foreign restaurants were plenty. There was Thai food, Indian, Persian, Middle East, Italian etc. I didn’t even get to try many hidden backstreet restaurants as they were just too many.
Aside restaurants, there are many cafeterias, ice cream shops, kebab shops and street foods. Over the weekends, the restaurants would get so full that people would have to queue as they wait for others to finish so they can get a seating spot.

2. Nightlife

Itaewon nightlife is amazing. When it gets to Friday evening, the streets that you saw as once empty would be marooned by all sorts of people and activities. The backstreets would get so crowded that it becomes hard to walk, because most people are going to their favorite night spots.

3. Shopping

Koreans are well known for their unique fashion and it goes without say that the praises they get are well deserved. They are so much into fashion and beauty and always up to date on the latest fashion styles. Itaewon had some sports brand stores and outlets, tailoring shops, customisation stores, alteration shops and many others. Everyday can easily become shopping day as long as your pocket allows it.

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